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Naperville Auto Insurance

Naperville Auto Insurance

Our knowledgeable auto insurance agents are standing by ready to provide the best quote to fulfill your Naperville Auto Insurance needs. We understand it can seem like there’s a lot to consider when you’re searching for a policy that’s right for you, so we’ll help guide you through the process and provide helpful answers to all your questions. Our agents will consider your specific needs and provide you with affordable quotes that will help you select a dependable and fair policy. Don’t hesitate to call us today and get the Naperville Auto Insurance you need – after all, carrying insurance is the law here in the state of Illinois.

To present an example situation to illustrate how auto insurance functions, let’s consider the following:
You have recently purchased a new vehicle and shortly afterwards you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in which you are at fault. The damages to your vehicle total up to $10,000, while damages to the other vehicle involved total up to another $10,000. Without Naperville Auto Insurance, you would likely have to cover the whole $20,000 – a sudden expense that for many people would be very difficult to manage.

If, on the other hand, you did purchase auto insurance when you purchased the new vehicle, you would be covered for damages to both your own car and other vehicles you hit. Since your Naperville Auto Insurance policy provides coverage, your insurer would pay that $20,000 expense minus your deductible. That’s a major difference!

Why Do I Need Naperville Auto Insurance?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and you do not possess active auto insurance, you could be faced with very high, out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, you could be without transportation while your vehicle is in the shop getting fixed. To compound matters even more, you may even be ticketed by law enforcement for driving without insurance and possibly have your driver’s license revoked. It could create a worst-case scenario of mounting car repair bills, legal troubles and perhaps difficulty finding transportation to school or work.

By having quality Naperville Auto Insurance, however, your claim would be covered up to your policy limits – plus you’ll have some assistance in locating auto repair shops and your driver’s license won’t be at risk either! Also, according to the coverage you select, you may be set up with a rental vehicle, enabling you to maintain your routine without much disruption.

Is Minimum Liability Enough For Me?

This basically depends on what your particular needs are for insurance. Generally, motorists who purchase liability insurance only are using older vehicles or have already paid off their motor vehicle. Some minimum liability clients may be seeking insurance coverage on a vehicle car that – in the event of a wreck – would actually be more expensive to fix than to simply replace. Minimum liability coverage is also frequently purchased when a motorist’s main concern is to have coverage for other people, vehicles or properties that may be injured or damaged in an accident at which they are fault. As a rule of thumb – although there may be exceptions – if you are not concerned about repairs to your vehicle, minimum liability may be right for you and the most affordable way to keep you legally compliant.

Although purchasing Naperville Auto Insurance is mandated by Illinois law, you’re also purchasing the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to be stress over the risk of sudden financial strain in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Advantage Insurance offers a wide selection of excellent Naperville Auto Insurance products and personalized customer care, so you’re assured of finding the cost-effective coverage you need to protect your vehicle, yourself and your passengers.